Masterplan from old industrial laundry to new state of the art brewery
Masterplan from old industrial laundry to new state of the art brewery

Moncada Brewery moving into the future

Craft Brewer expands into new premises

When successful micro brewery, Moncada, recognised that they were rapidly outgrowing their premises they started to look for help with developing a new site. As an experimental brewer Moncada needed a new facility to give them space to be even more creative and grow the range.

The London based brewery, Moncada, outgrew its premises and was to develop a new production site. NIRAS was originally engaged to review the business model and make recommendations on taking the brand forward.

The options were to build a new brewery or revamp an existing building. This initial business analysis was to include costings and a budget.

Masterplanning a flexible solution

NIRAS led a Masterplan Workshop and presented the findings of the business analysis. This workshop allowed the Moncada and NIRAS teams to work through the findings, discuss ideas and options and come away with an outline action plan.

The decision was to find a location that would fit the brief and budget, with either, premises that could be reworked or a potential building site. Taking into consideration the current financial situation and the future plans for the brewery it was decided that the project needed to be designed so that it could be completed in stages and be flexible enough to size up, as and when demand required.

The general location was chosen and the search began for a suitable site or premises. It wasn’t long before a building was identified, a laundry for Virgin Active gyms was moving to a larger facility and their existing premises were available. The building and the site fitted the brief for the new Moncada Brewery.

It was a pleasure to work with the Moncado Team on this dynamic project. Looking at the completed brewery it was hard to believe that it had been a laundry once upon a time. 

- Fred Bechman, Project Manager, NIRAS

Front end engineering design and tender

NIRAS was engaged to project manage the front end engineering design and prepare the tenders. The Moncada team agreed the budget and the project kicked off. A Civil Consultant was appointed who was responsible for areas such as fully upgrading the floor for industrial process use. The main construction works were completed on time enabling the installation of the plant.

The result is an efficient, productive and creative brewery that is brewing beers including ‘Ruby Rye’ and ‘So Sori Julio’.

Moncada Brewery – the original Notting Hill range now includes 11 distinct crafted ales. Brewed from only the finest natural ingredients sourced wherever possible from within 100 miles of London, it now includes beers brewed with traditional and new variety hops. Their beers are sold in bottles kegs and casks. You can find them in fine pubs in and around London and some of the more tasty local bars, delis, shops and restaurants.