Large building seen from the air

Cattle Slaughterhouse - Danish Crown

Historical investment in slaughterhouse lifted the Danish cattle industry

When Danish Crown decided to establish a new high-tech cattle slaughterhouse in Holsted, Denmark, it was by far the largest single investment in the Danish cattle industry ever.

The slaughterhouse, DC Holsted, was to be based on the newest technology and modern principles with a focus on quality management and energy optimisation. The aspiration was to strengthen Danish Crown and Danish cattle producers’ competitiveness on the global market.

NIRAS was part of the team that was assigned to implement the project. As the client design advisor, NIRAS cooperated with Danish Crown throughout the planning, tendering and contracting phases. Among others, NIRAS prepared the planning basis for the environmental impact assessment and environmental approval. On the basis of NIRAS’ work, contractors were subsequently able to detail the project design.

Throughout the project implementation, NIRAS drew on a combination of competencies relating to slaughterhouses, building works and project management of large industrial projects. With specialised knowledge of the connection between process equipment, refrigeration systems, hygiene zones and ventilation, NIRAS was furthermore responsible for the refrigeration and process ventilation contracts. Finally, NIRAS acted as consultants throughout the project phase on an ad hoc basis.

Based on NIRAS’ dedicated and interdisciplinary consultancy, Danish Crown was in 2014 ready to open Europe's most modern cattle slaughterhouse in Holsted.

With this investment, Danish Crown and its owners have assumed responsibility for the future, 

president of the cattle committee and Danish Crown board member, Peder Philipp