group of people standing in a big facility
AFAD Delegation visiting the national CBRN training facility of the Safety Region Mid-West Brabant in Vught (The Netherlands).

From our TEAM-UP men in Ankara

Supporting Turkey in building a disaster resilient society

NIRAS provides technical assistance and capacity building to Turkey’s national disaster and emergency management.

Geological, topographical and climactic hazards as well as the geopolitical context make Turkey prone to a whole series of natural and human-made disasters which can disrupt its social life and socio-economic development.

To reduce the likelihood of disasters and damage requires an effective and efficient disaster and emergency management system, covering all aspects of prevention, mitigation, emergency rescue and recovery.

The Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) has since 2009 been the reference institution for coordinating disaster risk management and building a resilient society.

Aligning Turkey with the EU

The EU and the Republic of Turkey are co-financing a project led by NIC Poland and named TEAM-UP for short, that aims at strengthening the institutional capacity of AFAD, targeting its organisation and processes as well as the knowledge and expertise of its staff.

The results achieved through this very first EuropeAid Project for AFAD are:

  1. Strengthened institutional capacity of AFAD, at the central and local level, and other relevant authorities on natural and man-made disaster and emergency management issues;
  2. Improved disaster and emergency management system;
  3. Increased coordination and enhanced cooperation with relevant public and private institutions and organisations;
  4. Increased institutional awareness on disaster management and emergency issues including in private institutions and organisations.

Furthermore, being a pre-accession country of the EU, AFAD will be supported through this project to align its policy and working methods to the European Civil Protection Mechanism.