Woman collecting water sample
The project tests new ideas and methods in sampling at polluted sites. This is to adapt methods to meet the needs of the market.

The Enforce Research Project, Örebro University

Knowledge and business experience drives research project on environmental pollutants

NIRAS is part of a comprehensive research project, aimed at developing and implementing effective risk assessments and evaluations of remediation measures for environmental pollutants. Based on knowledge and its customer portfolio, NIRAS can test the methods directly against the market.

Together with Örebro University and other stakeholders, NIRAS is running various research projects to study environmental pollutants. The research project is funded by the Knowledge Foundation, the foundation for research and competence development. The Knowledge Foundation grants funds for research and competence development at Swedish education institutions that partner with business.

NIRAS is one of several industrial partners, that, together with Örebro University, will build a new research profile on the subject “Environmental forensics” in the period 2017-2022. With access to modern technology, research expertise and business connections, the purpose of the project is to be able to develop and implement better risk assessments and evaluations of remediation measures for environmental pollutants.

Knowledge and experience to develop new methods

NIRAS’ role is to function as expert support and advise on what types of chemicals are important to research, as well as facilitate sites to conduct the research. NIRAS possesses a high level of research expertise in the subject and is one of the leading consultancy companies in the measurement and remediation of fluorinated and chlorinated substances in the environment. This includes PFAS, as well as PAC and other chemical groups.

Based on previous projects and its customer portfolio, NIRAS can both provide samples and give the project access to contaminated sites where the research can be conducted. At these contaminated sites, NIRAS can take samples and test new ideas and methods that arise in the project. This will help develop and adapt the methods to meet market needs at an earlier stage.

Methods applied to society

NIRAS expects, together with Örebro University, to develop new analysis methods for the risk assessment of environmental pollutants which can be implemented and benefit society.

The project and cooperation with businesses creates entirely new expansion opportunities for us and the goal of the project is to contribute significantly to a more sustainable management of chemicals and a non-toxic environment, in accordance with Swedish environmental goals.

Magnus Engwall, Professor of Biology, specialising in ecotoxicology at Örebro University