Road in Norway
The new E16 motorway is established for safe transport from Oslo to Geilo

Tender for turnkey contract and building consultancy on E16

E16 paves the way for skiers

The Norwegian highway E16 is planned to be expanded to a so-called 2+1 motorway/expressway for safer transport from Oslo to the ski resort Geilo and other sites.

This is good news for skiers, who love the Norwegian ski resort Geilo, in that the narrow and unsafe highway E16 from Oslo to the ski resort will now be expanded. NIRAS will be building consultant on the section between Roa, north of Gardermoen and Hønefos, and be responsible for the preparation of the tender material for the turnkey contract.

This section will be upgraded from a two-lane road to a so-called motorway/expressway with fast lane sections.

A bridge of 650m

The landscape is presenting many challenges such as mountains, valleys and rivers. A section of E16 will run on a 650m long bridge rising 60m above the river Randselven. The underground is also challenging because large parts contain alum slate, which makes foundation difficult. The 14 kilometer section will run over a total of 16 bridges and two intersections. Each and every detail must be examined and evaluated before the project can be put out to tender.

Bridge for cross-country skiers

A detail - which in Norwegian eyes may not be a detail - is cross-country skiers who want to cross the road to the terrain on the other side of the road. Outdoor life is highly appreciated in Norway, and therefore, a bridge with a cross-country track will be established across E16.

E16 is one of several offers for Norwegian infrastructure projects that NIRAS has won in recent years. NIRAS will be responsible for the drafting of regulatory plans as well as technical plans for the E39 south of Stavanger and be sub-consultant on the extension of motorway Riksvei 4 (between Roa and Gran Grense) north of Oslo. NIRAS is also involved in several framework agreements for Statens Vegvesen (the Norwegian Public Roads Administration) and Nye Veier (New Roads), and in a couple of bridges for Jernbaneverket (the National Railway Administration).

"As the only bidder, we got maximum points both on competencies and references"

Theis Tarp Rasmussen, Market Manager for Road and Traffic, NIRAS

From highway to motorway/expressway

The E16 is planned to be extended from a two-lane highway to a so-called 2+1 motorway/expressway. The road will be established in a completely new trace – i.e. with a new course.

NIRAS Norway will be responsible for the preparation of the tender for the turnkey contract and will be building consultant on the project.

In addition, there are options for noise calculations and for the detailed design of two smaller adjacent road projects.

Det norske Vegvesen has assessed the assignment at 28,000 hours.

In addition to NIRAS Norway, and to enhance the multi-disciplinary spirit, experts from NIRAS' Danish infrastructure division will also be involved, and Dr. techn. Olav Olsen A/S, Engineers Rasmussen & Strand A/S, Structor Oslo AS and Structor Geo Environment AS as sub-contractors.