Inside scene of Koncerthuset Denmark
In 2013, Danmarks Radio and NIRAS received a major international engineering award for the new Concert Hall in DR Byen. The award honors the most innovative and technically impressive buildings worldwide in the last 100 years.

DR Concert Hall

DR's concert hall - a floating meteor

The preparation of drawings for workshops and craftsmen approached the limit for what is technically possible, and more than 400,000 equations were applied to solve the task.

Few people can imagine how many calculations were needed to plan and design the Concert Hall, and NIRAS' construction engineers still remember the many calculations.

The challenge was the French master architect Jean Nouvel's vision of the Concert Hall as a meteor floating in from outer space. The 12,000 tonnes meteor would on impact balance on three stair towers and six smaller pillars.

It was a task beyond the usual to achieve an overview of the many angles and curves in Nouvel's plans for the ultimate concert experience.

Digital drawings made the building possible

The solution was the application of digital tools which the engineers used for the complex calculations as well as the visualization of all construction details in three-dimensional images.

When Queen Margrethe opened the Concert Hall in January 2009, the 400,000 equations were long resolved and nearly forgotten. On the other hand, the many calculations were necessary to make sure the meteor would float – and the audience and musicians can get together to enjoy the meaning of it all: the music.

Award Winner

The concert hall received eight prizes in 2009, including the European Steel Union Design Prize and the British lifestyle magazine Wallpapers’ annual design award as "Best Public New Building".