3D visualisation of central Aarhus, Denmark, seen from above
A new digital 3D map fully covering Aarhus Municipality provides the possibility to see the city from above.


Detailed 3D city model provides overview of more than 176,000 buildings

Aarhus Municipality has an ambitious goal of finding new ways using 3D data in the planning and dialogue with the citizens. NIRAS has contributed with a digital 3D city model of the entire municipality, which shall transform ambitions into reality.

Aarhus Municipality is rapidly growing. Up until 2030, the municipality expects 75,000 new citizens, 20,000 new students and 50,000 new houses and workplaces. For Aarhus, which is the second largest city in Denmark, it requires a focus on the future growth and development of the city to comply with this development.

A new digital 3D map covering the entire city of Aarhus Municipality has made it possible to see the city from above with both existing and future buildings. It is of great benefit for Aarhus Municipality, who is using the digital 3D map as a tool for project planning of new extensions, infrastructure and urban conversion.

3D is efficient when planning

The digital 3D city models are efficient when preparing a project draft for urban conversion and new extensions. They make it possible to see “before and afterwards” situations, assess building volumes and alternative solutions may be presented in connection with the existing surroundings.


buildings are produced in 3D for Aarhus Municipality

Besides increasing the efficiency of the planning process of extensions and urban conversion, digital 3D data is also applicable for landscape assessments, visibility analyses and investigations of placing of new facilities in the open country.

Increased knowledge regarding use of 3D

Specialists from NIRAS produced more than 176,000 buildings in 3D for Aarhus Municipality. The assignment also comprises an adjusted digital terrain model and a 3D vegetation layer comprising forest and plantation belts covering the municipality. The 3D city model of Aarhus City is produced with detailed specifications, while the remaining part of the municipality is produced by the use of semi-automatic methods.

The project for Aarhus Municipality is the largest of a number of current 3D projects that NIRAS executes. Thus, it is common for almost all projects, that NIRAS provides both data and workshops, in order for the users to learn to work with 3D on their own projects within few days. The course activities comprise data administration, modelling of projects and presentation in online 3D-viewer.