Cars driving on a road between mountains
Drivers will experience a safer road with the new extension of Riksveg 4.


A broad perspective is the key

Establishing the best possible agreement between client and contractor all comes down to the detail of the proposal. The framework of the Riksveg 4 extension in Norway is being set.

What material does the underground consist of at the foundation site? And what effect does a soft ground have on the foundation work? How does the road wind best possible through the landscape? And where are the 8 bridges supposed to cross the motorway? Attention is paid to every detail when the motorway extension of Riksveg 4 (RV4) is put out to tender.

As consultant on the project and as responsible for the tender material of the turnkey contract, the team of consultants will size up the situation to make sure the puzzle is put together the right way and at the right price. NIRAS will act as sub-consultant for the Norwegian company Structor Lillehammer As.

Experience with turnkey contracts

Today, the two-lane RV4 is bothered by heavy traffic and accidents. The proposal is to extend the road a distance of 4.1 kilometers between Roa and Gran Grense into four lanes in a new track - or put differently, the road will get a new route and the existing road will become a local road. And hereby, a safer road.

Preparing the proposal requires extensive preliminary analyses of the landscape and underground. The analyses will ensure a detailed tender for the main contractors to offer. A team of consultants with solid experience in Norwegian conditions combined with experience with turnkey contracts, made the Norwegian Public Roads Administration Region East point out Structor Lillehammer As and NIRAS as the right choice for the project.

More Norwegian road projects

The project is one of several Norwegian projects on infrastructure that NIRAS has won in recent years. NIRAS will prepare the Environmental Impact Assessment and technical plans for the E39 south of Stavanger, and NIRAS is involved in several framework agreements for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and Nye Veier (state owned construction company), a couple of bridge projects for the National Rail Administration and has recently won the E16 Eggemoen-Olum project as overall consultant.

Our experience with turnkey contracts strengthens the proposal and avoid the pitfalls that often cause problems and can become a big expense for the client

Theis Tarp Rasmussen, Market Director, Roads and Traffic, NIRAS