Bane NOR train running on tracks.

Strategy pays off: New, Norwegian railway contracts signed

With freshly signed contracts on two framework agreements and a large railway project, all for Bane NOR in Norway, NIRAS has become a significant player in the Norwegian infrastructure market. The goal of becoming a recognized Scandinavian consultant within the field of railways is therefore well on its way to becoming a reality.

02. Jul 2018

Bane NOR, Norway’s equivalent to Banedanmark, has just awarded NIRAS two framework agreements. This is thus the third framework agreement NIRAS has won in the space of a year. This is happening just a few weeks after NIRAS, for the second time in six months, signed a contract for a large railway project; this time the “Railway Depot Ski South” project.

Framework agreements important for further development

The framework agreements are strategically important in relation to the further development of NIRAS’s investment in the Norwegian infrastructure market, since essentially all projects with a financial scope of less than NOK 10 million will be offered through here:
“The two new framework agreements help ensure the development of NIRAS’s department in Norway, while ensuring strong interdisciplinary cooperation between Denmark and Norway,” says Head of Department Theis Rasmussen.

Railway project for a key customer

On the project “Railway Depot Ski South” NIRAS will assist Bane NOR in establishing a train support facility for 55 trainsets approximately 30 km south of Oslo. Back in February 2018, Bane NOR also chose NIRAS as a consultant on a similar project, thus becoming the first Norwegian assignment under a framework agreement for railway consultancy; a master plan for the “Railway Depot Kongsvinger area”.

The new contract was secured because NIRAS, together with subcontractors, submitted the best offer based on technical solution and competence. NIRAS scored full marks on the award criteria “understanding of the task” and “competence”, which meant that the price was not critical:
"We spent a lot of time on this offer, and it is therefore a relief to see the results of the competition and not least that we are winning on technology rather than because of the price," says Head of Department Theis Rasmussen.

The director of NIRAS Norway, Janne Aas-Jakobsen, is also pleased:

“Railway Depot Ski South” is a major and critical project for the development of infrastructure in central eastern Norway, and it is an important project for Bane NOR. It's good to see that in less than two years we have become a recognized consultancy team here in Norway. Now it's important that we live up to the responsibility given to us from Bane NOR and that we use the opportunity to develop NIRAS further within infrastructure in Norway. We are therefore putting together a strong, Scandinavian team and drawing on the experience from the Kongsvinger project” says Janne.

The customer knows what we represent

Jan Kragerup, Vice President in Denmark for railways, clearly notes that NIRAS has benefited from the Norwegian market:

"With the new framework agreements and projects, it is evident that we have become a well-known supplier in the railway market in Norway. The developer, Bane NOR, knows who we are as a company, but also as employees – both Danish and Norwegian – and we are recognized as a competent and serious player”, he says, adding:

"We performed well on the first Norwegian project we won, which now ensures that more projects can be on their way."