Two people standing in front of waterworks
The water management course starts on August 11 and finishes on August 23 2019. Apply from January 15 to April 1.

Business and academia team up to host water management summer school

In a joint effort with Aarhus University and other stakeholders, NIRAS will share knowledge about sustainable water management, waste water, and water distribution with international students and professionals.

24. Jan 2019

An association of highly specialized water professionals, international students, and professionals will join forces in summer 2019 to address serious environmental challenges facing society. On the newly introduced water management course to be held at Aarhus University, students will explore how to work with systemic water management and modern technology to reduce water losses around the world.

NIRAS Market Director for International Water, Omar Christian Thomsen, thinks the summer school is a good opportunity to create a common understanding of how we manage the planet’s resources as sustainably as possible.

“We see the water management course as a mutual exchange of knowledge and international experience. We disseminate our knowledge on, for example, water losses abroad, but we also receive important experiences about how Danish solutions can be introduced and implemented around the world,” he explains.

Great demand for Danish know-how

Denmark is a front-runner when it comes to reducing water losses. Compared to water utilities around the world, which lose on average more than 50% of the water they produce, in Denmark, the average loss of drinking water is approximately 7%. Therefore, there is an urgent demand for solutions that can be implemented internationally.

At NIRAS, we have experts working with all types of water management and delivering sustainable solutions across the energy and water circuit. We are keen to share our experience and contribute to the dissemination of market-leading Danish know-how within water management.

This applies both to our participation in the summer school but is also included as a natural part of any water project:

“It is important for us to share our knowledge both in and across the projects we carry out. We take pride in the fact that our clients can maintain and develop the products and services we provide,” says Omar Christian Thomsen. ”They are sustainable solutions.”

Strong cooperation

The water management course will form the basis for the engaged water professionals to share knowledge with the international students on sustainable water management.

The initiative is a collaboration among Aarhus University, AVK, Grundfos, Kamstrup, DHI, Skanderborg Utility Company, Aarhus University School of Engineering, Aquaglobe, WATEC, I-GIS, Aarhus Water and NIRAS.

Head of the Water, Emergy and Nature Department at NIRAS, Mette Neerup Jeppesen, explains further about the cross-industry and academia collaboration:
“Knowing what we know today, we believe it is necessary to change the way we approach the engineering profession. We take part in the summer school initiative with Aarhus University because we want to strike a blow for sustainability and contribute to the education of the water experts of the future.”

The water management course starts on August 11 and finishes on August 23. Apply from January 15 to April 1 2019.

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