Man smiling in white shirt.  Steven Schmidt (SKH)
Steven Kaa Holdgaard from NIRAS will be working with other aspiring leaders from different countries in the Young SEEN-program, which will conclude with a presentation in Paris this June.

Shortcut to international experience

International cooperation is important to NIRAS. In the Young SEEN-program aspiring leaders from corporations of four different countries meet to discuss subjects such as networking and 3D-development. The program will finish up in Paris this summer, with Steven Kaa Holdgaard as one of the participants.

24. Feb 2016

Expectations are to be challenged, to build a personal as well as professional international network, and to learn about cultural differences.

Project manager Steven Kaa Holgaard has been chosen to participate in the Young SEEN-program, a part of NIRAS’ international consulting cooperation, which they share with three other corporations, Witteveen +Bos from the Netherlands, Swedish Tyréns and Artélia from France.

"We will be between 12 and 14 young employees from the four different companies, and will be working in groups throughout the spring, considering different subjects. A subject could for instance be how to become better at international networking, new project management tools, or advances in 3D-visualization. But that is only guesses since we won’t know the themes before kick-off on March 7 or 8, taking place at the headquarters in Denmark," says Steven Kaa Holdgaard.

The Young SEEN-program is a shortcut to getting some international experience under your belt, while at the same time providing professional challenges. As to the four companies, they can use the Young SEEN-program to gain fresh insight on different subjects and issues.

Share and gain knowledge

The two most important assets for NIRAS are the employees and their expert knowledge. The network helps develop both.

"Young SEEN is building bridges. Improvement is fostered by providing our employees the opportunity to work within networks. Therefore we gladly share our expertise and in return gain inspiration from the other members of the SENN-network," says the Executive Director of building and industry at NIRAS, Mads Søndergaard.

He adds that NIRAS, besides the talent development program, send young employees on exchange to other companies for both short and longer periods of time to achieve various strategic goals.

Cooperation in focus

After kick-off the participants  will be working on their tasks online in groups throughout March, April, and May. In that time the participants will meet up in person once for five days.

It all rounds up in Paris on June 8.-9. 2016 where the groups will be presenting their work to each other and to the four companies.