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Breweries of all sizes and regions are invited to join the NIRAS Brewing Benchmark Club

Improve your business while contributing to the sustainable development of the industry

Join NIRAS' Brewing Benchmark Club that was founded on our more than 35 years of experience as engineering consultants for the brewing industry. The free-of-charge benchmark initiative intends to provide you with a performance evaluation of the global beer and beverage industry every second year.

29. Oct 2018

Have you ever wondered how your brewery is performing compared to your peers when it comes to e.g. extract loss, packaging utilization, electricity, heat and water consumption? NIRAS Brewing Benchmark Club provides you knowledge on your performance compared to other breweries in the same category (size & region) through a top level benchmarking. The benchmark report can help you pinpoint areas for improvement in your operation.

Cost free and 100 % anonymous participation

In January 2014 ALECTIA launched the ALECTIA Brewing Benchmark Club. Following last year’s merger with NIRAS, we have proudly revived the benchmark club now named the NIRAS Brewing Benchmark Club (NBBC). Hundreds of breweries of all sizes from around the world have already joined the initiative aimed at improving the beer industry. With the benchmarking club we hope to further increase the collective effort of generating knowledge and value for the entire industry. Participation is cost free and all data is treated anonymously.

Strategic insights based on selected Key Performance Indicators

With the NIRAS Brewing Benchmark Club, NIRAS intends to challenge the various entities in the beer and beverage industry that have started a number of different benchmarking initiatives focused on limited geographical areas or specific KPIs which impose limitations on the insights obtained.

“NIRAS aims at providing a worldwide benchmarking initiative and platform with a “one size fits all” approach to benchmarking for beer and beverage producers, where the information gathered is managed by a neutral and independent entity with extensive technical expertise and years of experience in the field” explains Nina Lassen Simony from NIRAS’ Beer & Beverage entity and responsible for the NBBC initiative .

Nina elaborates: ”We at NIRAS strive to provide unbiased input to the beer and beverage industry while, at the same time, maintaining an open and ongoing dialogue with participants as required, to refine our reporting and make it more relevant for the NBBC participants. 

The global reach of the NBBC

NIRAS Brewing Benchmark Club provides a comprehensive picture of the global beer and beverage industry encompassed by the evaluation of the following KPIs and analysis of their interrelatedness, covering packaging and production:


World KPI packaging OEE

• Glass bottling RB

• Glass bottling NRB

• Canning

• Kegging


• Cask


World KPI production

• Water consumption

• Electricity consumption

• Heat Consumption

• Extract loss

• Productivity

• Days of stock cover


Become a member of the NIRAS Brewing Benchmark Club

We invite breweries of all sizes and regions to join the NIRAS Brewing Benchmark Club without charge. We treat your data anonymously and provide you with a valuable basis for comparison which you can use to evaluate and improve the performance of your brewery. In this way, participation benefits the individual brewery as well as the global beer and beverage industry.

To sign up for the NIRAS Brewing Benchmark Club, send an e-mail to