Close-up of railroad
NIRAS on track for the first Norweigan railway project

Norwegian breakthrough: Start-up on technical master plan for stabling tracks in the Kongsvinger area

NIRAS won the first Norwegian assignment on the new framework agreement for railway consultancy, a master plan for stabling tracks in the Kongsvinger area for BaneNOR.

14. Nov 2017

This is the first railway project for NIRAS in Norway. Solid railway experience from Denmark is central to the work, as well as Norwegian NIRAS resources in adjacent fields. Ing. Rasmussen and Strand, Dr. Tech Olav Olsen, Rytec, Oslo Economics and Saaha Architectural Office also contribute; therefor it is an interdisciplinary Scandinavian team who is set to find the right solutions.

Several train passengers and a better train service lead to the need for more stabling tracks in the Østland region. In addition, new and longer train sets trigger the need for action since today's tracks are too short.

As a part of the project NIRAS will prepare cost estimates and other documentation that meets the requirements for functional facilities for stabling tracks in the Kongsvinger area. There are currently alternatives regarding location, and the project will, among other things, conclude the final location for the stabling tracks.

Start-up meeting on the project with (from the left): Kjell Nykmark (NIRAS), Jan Kragerup (NIRAS), Kirsten Kleveland (NIRAS), Ahmed Wagas (BaneNOR), Matz Lonnedal Risberg (BaneNOR)

Extensive first-hand experience from Denmark

"Our resources - our employees - in railway have lots of experience from working with railways in Denmark and also from working with other projects in Norway earlier. We have solid local partners on our side as well as excessive experience from other major infrastructure projects, so I am confident we can do a good job, now that we have had the opportunity. It's great for us to finally start a railroad project in Norway, "says Janne Aas-Jakobsen, director of NIRAS and responsible for the Norwegian market.

For Carsten Heine Lund, Vice President for Infrastructure in NIRAS Denmark, this assignment contains great potential: “This is a huge and important step for us after having been very active on road projects in Norway during the last couple of years – we won this framework agreement in July and have now won the first tender in competition with nine other companies”.

The technical master plan will be completed by summer 2018.