NIRAS wins two large framework agreements with The Copenhagen Metro and The Greater Copenhagen Light Rail

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Together with subconsultant Jacobs, NIRAS has won two framework agreements with The Copenhagen Metro and The Greater Copenhagen Light Rail. The framework agreements have a duration of eight years and include civil works, transport systems and rail technique. The agreements have an estimated total value of some USD 68m.

January 5, 2022

”Gaining these two framework agreements signifies a big step forward for NIRAS. The Copenhagen Metro is a new client, but we have considerable experience working for The Greater Copenhagen Light Rail on the Ring 3 project,” explains senior vice president for Infrastructure in NIRAS, Carsten Heine Lund. And he adds:

”We are proud to now form part of the major leagues when it comes to large infrastructure projects in the Greater Copenhagen area.”

The projects within the framework agreement can both include consulting in relation to the development of new metro and/or light rail lines, design tasks, as well as maintenance of existing lines and other installations. The areas of expertise will include tunnels, geotechnical engineering, alignment , electrical and mechanical  installations, stations, railway safety, driving materiel, , and environmental issues.

The culmination of several years of work

Especially for the tunnel team in NIRAS, the framework agreement represents a culmination up till now of the development process the team has undertaken for the past five years. 

“The Damhus Cloudburst Tunnel in Copenhagen was our first specific tunnel project, and ever since we have worked hard to increase our competencies within this area. This includes a series of other cloud burst tunnel projects such as the Kalvebod project in Copenhagen and a similar tunnel in Malmö. And now we find ourselves in a position where we are fully capable of managing some of the largest tunnel projects out there,” says Christoffer Truelsen, Vice President for the tunnel area in NIRAS. 

He emphasizes that by enhancing its capacities within the tunnel area, NIRAS now has a achieved a stronger position going forward. 

“We have succeeded in hiring a series of international experts, so now we count on a very strong and competent tunnel team that can undertake very large scale projects,” he explains. 

Among the potential future assignments that could form part of the framework agreement are the expansion of the Copenhagen Metro at Nordhavn and a new metro line to the projected artificial island of Lynetteholm in the port of Copenhagen.

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