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NIRAS wins KAB framework agreement for new building project

Along with architect firm DOMUS and GHB Landscape Architects, NIRAS has won a framework agreement for a new building project with KAB. With more than 60,000 rental residencies in the Copenhagen area, KAB is the largest administrative housing organisation in Denmark.

04. Feb 2020

The framework agreement applies for four years and encompasses total consultancy on construction assignments for 30 social housing organisations.

In the tendering material, KAB estimates that the framework agreement has a value of approx. 10 million EUR, but because the agreement consists of five separate frameworks, the millions will be allocated between five consultancy teams. Certain small assignments can be given directly to one team, but larger assignments will go though a mini-tendering phase and subsequently be allotted to one of the five consultancy teams.

“We in the DOMUS-GHB-NIRAS-team are looking forward to the collaboration with KAB to create sustainable and inspiring residency buildings. The housing paucity in Copenhagen continues to be significant, especially for residencies affordable for the regular worker or student,” says Vice President of Design in NIRAS, Kirsten Engholm Henriksen.

Efficient and contemporary housing for everyone

Social housing construction is on its way to becoming a core expertise for NIRAS with a rapidly increasing turnover and an extensive level of experience designing efficient and contemporary residencies for everyone.

“The turnover has increased significantly and we are taking on more projects due to our many references and extensive network. We have the experience and knowledge needed to build with a great repetition effect, thereby providing housing associations with both wide ranging and substantial consultancy,” says Kirsten Engholm Henriksen and points to projects such as a student housing project in Aarhus with 130 youth- and family residencies and the DLG Tower in Aalborg with 110 youth- and family residencies.

Furthermore, NIRAS has a large amount of renovation assignments within social housing construction, where the clients can utilize NIRAS’ many specialists within e.g. environmentally hazardous substance such as mold where fast reactions are crucial.

Currently, NIRAS is working on renovation projects for, among others, KAB and Boligkontoret Denmark, a nonprofit housing administration, in the Copenhagen area.

“We are looking forward to a continued fruitful collaboration with KAB,” Kirsten Engholm Henriksen says.