NIRAS stays in the Norwegian passing lane with substantial framework agreement

With three large framework agreements for the Norwegian railroad infrastructure authority, Bane NOR, NIRAS continues the upwards trajectory in the Norwegian market.

12. Jul 2017

When Carsten Heine Lund took over the position as Senior Vice President of Infrastructure at NIRAS, his goal was to create a break-through in the Norwegian infrastructure market. Now, two and a half years later, he holds three signed framework agreements with the Norwegian railroad infrastructure authority, Bane Nor, in his hand. The framework agreements are the first of their kind for NIRAS covering the railroad sector.

"Close collaboration between the Norwegian and Danish NIRAS departments with the addition of valuable input from our consultants, Dr. Techn. Olav Olsen AS and Rytec AS, has paved the way for our Senior Vice President for Norway, Janne Aas-Jakobsen, being able to sign the contract with Bane NOR last Friday," says a proud Carsten Heine Lund.

Important player in Norwegian infrastructure

Back in May of 2016, NIRAS was selected to prepare a control programme and technical plans for 14 kilometres of new motorway on the E39 south of Stavanger. Just a small part of the many thousands of kilometres of roads that the Norwegian government plans to invest in. As much as NOK 900 billion has been set aside to develop the nation’s infrastructure towards 2029.

NIRAS took the next step towards becoming a major player in the market when another large road project was landed at the beginning of 2017.

The narrow, unsafe subsidiary E16 road between Roa north of Gardemoen and Hønefos is to be upgraded to what in Denmark would be called a 2+1 road, and NIRAS will be handling the tender process for the turn-key contract as well as providing the developer with consultancy services.

"When we took our first steps onto the Norwegian market three years ago, we had the cautious vision that we would start out by getting a foothold in the market and secure the first few assignments. These latest successes allow us to raise the bar considerably, and we now aim to become a major player in the infrastructure sector over the coming years," says Carsten Heine Lund.

From feasibility studies to designing the railroad network of the future

Together with Norwegian co-collaborators Dr.techn. Olav Olsen AS and Rytec AS, NIRAS is one of ten consultants to be carrying out work related to three framework agreements covering feasibility studies, planning, and designing of Norway’s railroads of the future.

The framework agreements run over the next four years with an option of a further extension of two times two years.

"The framework agreement is an important milestone for us in Norway. Many big assignments await us," says Carsten Heine Lund, at the same time emphasising the importance of working with the partners to deliver the projects in accordance with client expectations.