NIRAS nominates Ronni Lundoff Stenløkke as the young FRI consultant 2019

Each year the Danish Association of Consulting Engineers, FRI, grants the award to a young engineer who has leadership potential and has contributed with something extraordinary. This year NIRAS nominates Ronni Lundoff Stenløkke for his efforts in projecting the complex steel structures at DOKK1 in Aarhus, Denmark, and for his efforts in Conceptual Engineering.

11. Dec 2018

Already from the first day that Ronni entered the NIRAS office as a newly graduated engineer, he has proven to be a progressive person.

Ronni is graduated with a MSc in Engineering from Aarhus University in Denmark and has been working in NIRAS since 2011. He is an expert in designing load-bearing structures and has, in addition to several competition projects, projected e.g. the complex steel structures at DOKK1 in Aarhus and the Vendsyssel Theatre and Experience Centre. Also, he has been a part of many different projects for Aarhus Festival and the Capital of Culture in 2017.

This year Ronni has been involved in a greater construction work at Oslo Plads in Copenhagen, a prestige project for Grundfos in Bjerringbro and several competition projects. Currently, he is working with a complex hotel superstructure and is examining how a building can be constructed partially under sea level.

Ronni also acts as an external examiner for Aarhus University School of Engineering and has most recently been a supervisor at a workshop on ‘Integrated interdisciplinary design process’.

Floating steel structures of 900 tons

Ronni is, among other things, nominated for his efforts in projecting the complex steel structures at DOKK1 in Aarhus. The immediate impression that is given to the visitors of the spectacular building is the large ‘floating’ roof slab which is coated with expanded metal.

The steel structure which forms the framework in the roof slab weighs 900 tons in total – and the roof slab itself is comparable to 20 large single-family houses that are mounted 24 metres above ground.

‘Ronni’s efforts have helped conduct the steel construction in such a way that it reinforces the overall architectural expression of the building. Despite Ronni’s modest experience at that time, I remember him as a solid project partner who was able to come up with proven solutions to the issues encountered with the project. The project greatly benefited from his interests and skills in ‘art engineering’ which could complete the narrative architecture of a project,’ says Klaus Petersen, Managing Partner at PDplus Advisers.

During the project design of DOKK1, Klaus acted as the project manager and director for the architectural company Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects.

The originator of Conceptual Engineering

The talented young engineer is also nominated for being the originator of Conceptual Engineering – a holistic thinking in which the engineer contributes with a conceptual approach in the early project stages, using the digital tools of Computational Design.

Ronni’s thinking behind this concept is that engineers must be able to not only solve a design problem but also work with projects proactively and have the courage to question the ideas behind a design. The main objective is to improve and optimize the working methods of engineers in order to turn architectural visions into reality as well as provide realistic and buildable solutions.

When making the right decisions already in the early stages of a construction work, all changes and redesigns can be avoided. This creates value for the customer and thereby business opportunities. For this reason, Ronni has drawn up a strategy and action plan. He is now responsible for this area and has a number of employees under his wings.

Next generation consultancy

Head of Department Henrik Als Andersen and Business Manager Morten Reher-Langberg have conducted the employer’s contribution to the nomination. They point out that Ronni is someone who takes the initiative for development.

‘Ronni is an open and pleasant person. He is committed, creative, innovative and likes to work across different areas. Also, customers appreciate that he always thinks ahead. In NIRAS we have a payoff that goes: ‘Next generation consultancy’. Ronni is definitely the quintessence of that,’ says Henrik Als Andersen.

Vivid collaborations

Ronni is in great demand both in-house and out-of-house – particularly in the early project stages. If he receives a complex task he sets out to solve it right away.

Many customers and cooperation partners – notably architects – have expressed that it is a pleasure to work with a design engineer who is not afraid of taking action in the early project stages. Ronni is the one who always finds a solution when a customer or an architect says: ‘We would like a structure that floats over the sea.’

Passion for cultivating potential

Ronni has leadership potential, and in 2016 he spent 12 months attending the company’s leadership development program. Throughout the program, Ronni improved his leadership skills in both personnel, sales and project management and earned praise from educators, managers and other attendees.

‘Ronni exhibits a deep personal commitment and is very enthusiastic about cultivating his potentials, developing professional skills and creating integrated collaborations, exploring and utilizing both human and digital methods in an optimum manner. There is no doubt that Ronni is one of the brightest brains in the consultancy sector. It will be exciting to follow him in the future,’ says Morten Reher-Langberg.

The winner will be awarded on March 7, 2019

The winner will be named at the FRI Annual Meeting on March 7, 2019. Aside from the honour, the prize consists of the participation in the FIDIC Young Professional Management Training Program.

Top 5 will all be nominated at the European competition EFCA Young Professionals where young advisors from all over Europe will compete with each other.