Group photo of some NIRAS employees with African stake-holders and government officials
Training in Ethiopia, April 2017, conducted by NIRAS. Stake-holders and government officials are educated to meet UN standards when reporting GHG emissions.
Capacity building

NIRAS moderates high-level side event at COP 23

Building MRV systems in Africa — how NIRAS is working with countries to develop technical capacity for implementation of the Paris Agreement.

12. Oct 2017

For the upcoming COP 23, NIRAS will facilitate a side event at the EU Pavilion, continuing its active involvement in the annual UNFCCC meeting. The event is part of the European Commission’s Capacity building on Monitoring, Reporting, and Verifications of the GHG emissions and actions in developing countries project .

This initiative supports a group of seven African countries in meeting UNFCCC emissions reporting requirements. The targeted countries are Algeria, Angola, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal.

A virtual spring-board 

Through a systematic and tailored approach to each selected African economy, this project uses the momentum from the Paris Agreement at COP21 to galvanize countries’ motivation to learn and enhance their institutional capacity in climate Monitoring, Reporting and Verification.

The more regular, binding, and all-inclusive reporting requirements under the Paris Agreement are a virtual spring-board for developing countries to improve their understanding of their national GHG inventories and to draft ambitious climate strategies, integrating both mitigation and adaptation, that fit into their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

Encouraging African climate efforts

The side-event—which builds on the narrative of the NIRAS involvement at COP22 last year—will advocate for a greater effort to develop holistic and sustainable national MRV systems across all African countries. It will showcase the commitment and achievements of some African countries to develop such MRV systems with support from the EU.

Also, the event will demonstrate success stories from the methodologies used to achieve strong results in the capacity building training. Finally, the presentations and discussions will aim to encourage other African countries to launch their domestic MRV systems to be able to meet the Paris Agreement requirements as well as develop bankable climate projects.

Exceptional participation

Last year’s successful event included high-level panelists such as the Environmental ministers from Egypt, Ethiopia and Nigeria. This year, the exceptional participation will continue with the attendance of the following panellists:

  • HE Khaled Fahmy, Minister of Environment from the Ministry of Environment, Egypt
  • HE Dr. Gemedo Dalle, Minister, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Ethiopia
  • HE Ibrahim Usman Jibril, Minister of State, Federal Ministry of Environment, Nigeria
  • Miguel Arias Cañete, European Commissioner Climate Action and Energy

The side-event will be moderated by Morten Pedersen, NIRAS.

Go to the project website to get more info about Capacity building on MRV in Africa.