Two men shake hands in the foreground while another man stands in the background.  Carsten Heine Lund (CHL)
NIRAS joins with Thailand’s SMC Consulting Engineers. From left, Carsten Heine Lund, NIRAS Senior Vice President for Infrastructure; Danish ambassador to Thailand Uffe Wolffhechel; and SMC Chairman Sindhu Pulsirivong.

NIRAS continues growth strategy and expands with investment in Southeast Asia

Through investment in the Thai company SMC Consulting Engineers, NIRAS strengthens its presence within the Ports and Maritime sector in Southeast Asia. At the same time, the strategic partnership opens the door for other areas of expertise in NIRAS.

24. May 2018

The investment in Thai SMC Consulting Engineers secures NIRAS an important strategic partnership for further growth within especially Ports and Maritime.

"In the geographic areas where we want to grow it is our ambition to have local presence, strong network relations and technically skilled local people. The basis of mutual success builds on these factors but also the fact that our core company values match very well. Therefore the partnership with SMC Consulting Engineers significantly strengthens both NIRAS' and SMC’s position in the ASEAN region, says Vice President at NIRAS, Christian Paulsen.

A very strong partnership within the Ports and Maritime sector

SMC Consulting Engineers is particularly strong in the market for development of ports and maritime.
”it is an honour that SMC Consulting Engineers have chosen NIRAS as their partner. It is a great and very solid company with a long history, says Senior Vice president for Infrastructure Carsten Heine Lund.

The two companies together can maintain key customers and add new important references:

“SMC Consulting Engineers is an esteemed and recognized company in the region holding strong network relations and is also technically very capable within the Ports and Maritime sector. NIRAS is going to add value into the corporation by adding core competencies especially in the fields of hydraulic modeling, ports- and coastal planning and geotechnical engineering. Together, our companies will be able to develop the business within Ports and Maritime in the ASEAN region extensively” says Christian Paulsen.

Part of a global strategy

The strategic partnership also provides the foothold for other areas of expertise in NIRAS.

"The strategic partnership is another step in our development in the Southeast Asian market. For some years we have been present in Vietnam and Myanmar, and over the last years we have also built an office in Taiwan. The partnership with SMC Consulting Engineers not only supports our growth strategy in Ports and Maritime and Offshore winds. It also creates a platform for business with our other Southeast Asian offices and joint opportunities to engage in projects within water, food and beverages and development aid", says Carsten Heine Lund.

SMC chairman Sindhu Pulsirivong also sees the potential of the strategic partnership:

"We strive to expand to ASEAN markets and strengthen our reputation in ports, infrastructure and building, as well as moving towards new and exciting areas where NIRAS has significant competencies."

SMC Consulting Engineers shall be known as SMC NIRAS Consultants.