A bird's eye view of the inside Uppsala Universitetshus
The acquisition of Hydracon strenghtens NIRAS’ position within project management. Hydracon has great experience with cultural buildings like Uppsala Universitetshus, a governmental listed building.

NIRAS acquires Hydracon Sweden AB

NIRAS strengthens its position within project management and grows within the Stockholm Mälar region.

15. Jan 2018

NIRAS acquires Hydracon Sverige AB and thereby strengthens the position as one of the leading consultant firms within project management in Scandinavia. With the acquisition and establishment in Uppsala NIRAS acquires a greater geographical presence in the Stockholm Mälar region and will thereby be able to offer our clients an even greater availability.

At the same time NIRAS’ resource base within project management is strengthened and the competences within Miljöbyggnad (a Swedish system for certifying buildings in relation to energy, indoor climates and materials), calculation and education within several expertise areas gets even deeper.

Hydracon was established in 2004 and has 15 employees today. Just like NIRAS, Hydracon works with all project phases and takes an overall responsibility in the projects. Hydracon has great experience of cultural buildings, schools, nursing homes and housing.

”We have had the ambition to establish a greater presence within the Stockholm Mälar region for some time. With the acquisition of Hydracon we will now strengthen our services and create even better conditions for further growth in the future,” says Torgny Westerberg, business unit director Architecture and Project Management Stockholm at NIRAS.

”By becoming a part of NIRAS we see great opportunities to be able to offer our clients both more resources and services. For our employees the acquisition means immediate access to a solid Scandinavian resource base, significantly more colleagues and new possibilities for development. It feels incredibly inspiring to become part of an organization that has established such an integrated way of co-operating across business units and country boarders and who has such a clear sustainability focus,” says Olof Uhlander, CEO Hydracon.

For more information, please contact:

  • Torgny Westerberg, Business unit director Architecture and Project Management Stockholm (+46 (0)8-588 922 01, torgny.westerberg@niras.se)
  • Olof Uhlander, CEO Hydracon (+46 (0)8-36 73 09, olof.uhlander@hydracon.se)