Escalator lit up by red lights
Client consultant from NIRAS Daniel Vestergaard in the new Radisson Red hotel in Aarhus, Denmark.

New Radisson Red hotel in Denmark

Get an exclusive look into the brand new Radisson Red hotel before it welcomes its first guests in Aarhus, Denmark.

25. May 2020

In short time, the first guests will move into the brand new hotel Radisson Red in the centre of Aarhus, Denmark. The day is fast approaching when the finished hotel will be handed over, and client consultant from NIRAS Daniel Vestergaard and the client have just taken a lap around the almost finished hotel to handle any final errors or deficiencies.

Everyone is working hard to make everything ready for the opening, when the brand new hotel will welcome its guests for the first time. Daniel Vestergaard is standing in what is soon going to be the hotel restaurant. He is surrounded by large red leather couches, which separate the area into small intimate spaces. The area is lit by golden lamps, and the room melts together with the great atrium in a large oval specially designed bar.

In all corners, construction workers are finishing the last details. The cleaning service enters the completed rooms and removes all traces of construction dust. We are thankfully on schedule, Daniel says, but he does not disguise the fact that a lot of pieces still have to be put in place in a short amount of time. Daniel has been the client consultant on the project since September 2018, and he is looking forward to the opening soon.

Not just an empty shell

“It has been a super exciting project, which has also been quite different from our usual client consultancy assignments,” Daniel explains. “Usually, we deliver a building as an empty shell, where everything works, but in this case, we are delivering a completely finished hotel, in which we have also handled interior design of all inventory,” Daniel elaborates. “We followed the architects’ design proposal and found interior to match both in price and style.”

Suddenly, loud pop music blasts through the restaurant speakers. The volume is turned down, and the music reappears. This time from another angle and then again from a different room. Daniel explains that they are testing that all of the IT and AV equipment works. The sub-supplier of AV pops in and confirms happily that everything works as intended – a whole hour before the final deadline. Daniel can tick one more thing off his list of handled tasks.

For Daniel, this project has been one of the peaks of his career as a client consultant. And what made it extra interesting was having the responsibility for a project of this magnitude in the centre of Aarhus, Denmark. It has also been a project, in which Daniel has had to utilize many of NIRAS’ special consultancy competences. Indoor climate and ventilation have especially been important factors, because the hotel operator has high demands for the costumers’ comfort.

Because the hotel is a reconstruction case, it required special solutions to create the wanted ventilation system in the already existing building. Furthermore, it has been necessary to collaborate with construction, HVAC, and electricians, as well as commissioning, because of the hotel operator’s comprehensive requirements for documentation and operation plans.

Top-down process

Daniel walks around the five floors of the hotel, out of which the four upper floors are completely finished. It was an active decision to finish the floors from the top down. This process “basically” ensures that the subsequent deliveries of e.g. inventory, IT and AV can work unimpeded by construction workers, and it also eases a partial hand-over to the operator. Everything is designed in stylish grey, black and red nuances complemented by wooden elements and greeneries. Notes are hanging on some doors confirming that the room has been cleaned and designed according to the inventory list made for each room.

On the first floor, Daniel visits one of the almost finished rooms. The style from the rest of the hotel is of course integrated in the room – with grey, black and red as the primary colours. The lack of bedding and a stylish wooden bulls head on the floor in the corner shows that the room is only a few inches from being ready. The large windows enhance the feeling of being in Down Town Aarhus, Denmark with a view of the city hall park, the famous museum of art AROS and the centre of the city.

Now Daniel is looking forward to wrapping up the work he has been in charge of the last few years. The necessary permits and approvals have almost been finalized, and the hotel will soon be handed over to the client and hotel operator. Daniel goes down the escalator, which is immersed in bright red light leading down to the foyer. The walls are covered in black and white urban photographs, and the smell of new interior is still hanging in the air. In short time, the first guests will be met by the same impressions when they enter the hotel for the very first time, and the last traces of construction workers are gone.