Areal view of new railway in Norway
The picture depicts one of two major contracts won by NIRAS together with Veidekke and other partners. The two contracts form part of Bane NOR's InterCity line between Drammen and Kobbervikdalen in south-eastern Norway.

Large infrastructure projects to improve rail efficiency on the InterCity line between Drammen and Kobbervikdalen in Norway

The time spent on travelling will be reduced and the frequency of train departures will increase for one and a half million Norwegians when Bane NOR, the state-owned company responsible for Norwegian railway infrastructure, expands the railway system in south-eastern Norway. Together with Dr. Techn. Olav Olsen, a structural engineering and marine technology consultancy, NIRAS has been appointed adviser on two major turnkey projects for the construction of a double-track railway line between Drammen and Kobbervikdalen.

14. Nov 2019

Bane NOR is responsible for the national railway infrastructure in Norway and an expansion of the railway system in south-eastern Norway, including the Drammen region, valued at up to NOK 13 billion. Together with Dr. Techn. Olav Olsen, NIRAS will assist in the completion of two major turnkey projects for the InterCity line.

The InterCity line is one of Norway's biggest railway projects. Vice President Theis Tarp Rasmussen and Market and Project Director Kjell Nykmark from NIRAS look forward to participating in the fast-paced but exciting project, which will be carried out amid challenging site conditions:

'We are delighted and proud to have been appointed by Veidekke, the contracting company, as adviser on this huge infrastructure project. Throughout the tender phase, we have assisted Veidekke in developing the best possible project. Our collaboration with Veidekke has been extremely close and open, and it is a great recognition of our efforts that they have decided to continue to collaborate with us in the construction phase,' says Vice President Theis Tarp Rasmussen. 

NIRAS to boost its growth in Norway

Senior Vice President Carsten Heine Lund can hardly conceal his enthusiasm for the new challenges, which have been made possible thanks to dedicated efforts to make NIRAS a powerful player in the Norwegian infrastructure market:

'The two turnkey projects will take our activities in Scandinavia to the next level. They are some of our largest projects in Norway ever and once again demonstrate the value of strong partnerships and close customer relations.'

Together with Dr. Techn. Olav Olsen, NIRAS will be responsible for the project management, the overall 3D project models, a rock tunnel, concrete constructions, a cut-and-cover tunnel, drainage, the rerouting of cables, the rerouting of roads and the railway substructure. In addition, Veidekke has appointed the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, NGI, to handle site conditions and ILF Consulting Engineers to design the concrete tunnel.

Projects about to launched

Work on the 6-kilometre rock tunnel, a small section in open country, a 300-metre concrete tunnel and a 700-metre cut-and-cover tunnel is just about to start. The contract price of the two turnkey projects in which NIRAS will be participating is around NOK 3.8 billion and both projects are expected to be completed in 2024.