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Jens Brandt Bering is the new Senior Vice President for Utility in NIRAS. He is confident that strategic partnerships in the utility industry is vital for a successful green transition of our societies.

Jens Brandt Bering is appointed Senior Vice President of Utility

Creating space for technical curiosity and fascination is important to make employees thrive – and consequently to make projects succeed. This is the opinion of NIRAS’ new Senior Vice President of Utility.

18. May 2020

From July 1, 2020, Jens Brandt Bering will head more than 300 experts in NIRAS, who consult about water, energy, and waste. The newly appointed director for the company’s collective activities in the utility area, will ensure an even higher level of interdisciplinary cooperation – both between areas of expertise, geography, clients, and partners – which will create valuable and sustainable solutions.

The utility sector contributes to the green transition with new solutions, technologies, and partnerships. This both applies to society in general and to a company like NIRAS. Regarding the appointment of Jens Brandt Bering, Chief Executive Officer of NIRAS Carsten Toft Boesen states:

“I consider the utility sector a position of strength for NIRAS, which has been characterized by rapid development in recent years. We have been able to maintain, develop and attract solid experts and strong project managers, and we have profits as well as international growth. With the appointment of Jens, it is my strong belief that we are creating the best possible foundation to continue this positive development.”

Green transition succeeds through partnerships

Jens Brandt Bering joined NIRAS in 2010 from a position as department manager in ALECTIA (which later merged with NIRAS). Since then, he has been Vice President with the responsibility for more than 100 employees across offices in Zealand, Denmark. At the threshold of his 10-year anniversary in NIRAS, he has been appointed Senior Vice President of Utility.

“For the past 10 years, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with many amazing colleagues in the Danish utility industry. We are collectively going through an exciting development and I am very happy to continue the work together with colleagues and collaborative partners both in and outside of NIRAS,” says Jens Brandt Bering, who is confident that strategic partnerships in the utility industry will drive the green transition to succeed.

“There are many challenges that we will solve together so we can move our society and environment in a more sustainable, circular, and digital direction. This is extremely interesting and crucial work,” he says.

Green transition and sustainability are important subjects – Jens does therefore not hesitate to voice his opinion on e.g. protection of drinking water or regulation of the utility sector.

“A dominating manager will fail”

As a leader, Jens has a theorem that characterises his work style. The theorem is: “The great projects together with the great colleagues”. This means that a good working environment with room for curiosity is what makes projects succeed.

“The drive within an organisation like NIRAS stems from technical fascination and creativity, which unfolds in complex projects. We find solutions to societal challenges in the cooperation between brilliant colleagues and external partners,” Jens Brandt Bering says and continues:

“I believe that if you try to be a dominating leader for highly specialised people, you will fail. I am well aware that the theorem about the ‘great projects together with great colleagues” is very basic. But it encompasses some subjects and an authenticity that works, when it is about ensuring work pleasure and results together with colleagues who are very strong in their area of expertise.”

In his spare time, Jens rejuvenates in nature on hikes and sail trips with his family. On the job, it is a good work day when the technical excitement over engineering disciplines is on full blast. This approach is one of the reasons why the employee satisfaction is conspicuously high among NIRAS’ utility staff.