Theis Tarp Rasmussen (TTR)
Vice President of Infrastructure in Norway, Theis Tarp Rasmussen, is temporarily appointed general manger for NIRAS Norway.

Janne Aas-Jakobsen resigns as General Manager of NIRAS Norway

After a number of years of profitable gazelle growth, Janne Aas-Jakobsen has chosen to resign as General Manager of NIRAS Norway.

23. Jan 2020

NIRAS Norway will continue to benefit from Janne's knowledge and competences in the future as she continues as strategic advisor to NIRAS.

“After an exciting start-up period with many acquisitions and rapid growth, NIRAS Norway is now well on its way to 100 employees and has reached a point, where I believe that others can take over and run the company together with the management in Denmark,” Janne Aas-Jakobsen explains.

In the coming period, we will gradually and in good order transfer Janne’s customer relations, tasks and responsibilities in accordance with the overall plan below.

Theis Tarp Rasmussen, who is currently Vice President of Infrastucture in Norway, has  temporarily been appointed General Manager, and the responsibility for the Norwegian business areas is distributed as follows: 

  • PA Oslo is headed by Terje Inglingstad, Manager
  • Sustainability is led by Anne Glomnes Ruddi, Vice President
  • Infrastructure is managed by Theis Tarp Rasmussen, Vice President
  • Region Stavanger is led by Tom Stian Høiland, Manager

We have a strong local management team in Norway that will continue the development, and the NIRAS Group supports the development in every way.

"During Jannes's dynamic leadership, we have experienced a very positive development in Norway - not least within infrastructure - and Jannes's energy and very strong network has positioned NIRAS as a key player in the Norwegian market", says CEO Carsten Toft Boesen.

NIRAS Norway's growth ambitions are unchanged, and the right person to ensure this development will be appointed as soon as possible.