Going to Morpol with an Experienced Refrigeration Engineer

The Polish salmon processing factory Morpol is in the middle of a major renovation which will enable the company to meet the increasing production of salmon products. When newly-graduated Jon Christian Nielsen was offered the opportunity to go to Poland with ALECTIA, who is now merged with NIRAS, to hand over the first phase of the construction, he did not have any hesitations: It was a loud and clear yes.

30. Jun 2016

The 90,000 m2 salmon processing factory Morpol has been a big part of Jon Christian Nielsen time in ALECTIA, now NIRAS. When he traveled to Poland with an experienced colleague this spring, he was able to experience how the project is evolving in the real world, and it was a very professionally rewarding experience:

“The purpose was not just to optimize my practical knowledge of building refrigeration systems, but also to gain a deeper understanding of commissioning,” says Jon. “With a checklist in one hand and an experienced refrigeration engineer by my side, the entire ​​10,000 m2 area in question was evaluated, and the machine room was revised from end to end. All defects were noted, and it was described which were not in accordance with the design specifications.”

Practical work facilitates knowledge

As a newly-graduated engineer, Jon is eager to learn more, and he always strives for new and useful knowledge within the refrigeration industry. And it was exactly what he got in Poland:

“It is much easier to get acquainted with the daily work, and conversations about projects progress much easier when you can relate visually. And besides gaining professional knowledge, a trip like this contributes to develop collegial relations in everyday life,” Jon concludes.