Energy solutions of tomorrow in the brewery business

Climate changes and energy consumption are challenges that require innovative solutions. ALECTIA, who is now merged with NIRAS, has supplied consultancy services to a large UK brewery group, providing a more efficient utilization of the brewery’s energy sources and production by-products. The amount of waste, energy costs and CO2 emission have been reduced.

15. Dec 2010

The purpose of the project was to recover energy from the waste products from the brewing process. The waste product spent grains is mixed with wood chips and used as fuel in a thermal power station. The process can produce up to 4.7 MW electricity and supply up to 90 pct. of the plant’s energy needs. This gives an estimated CO2 reduction of 27,000 tons per year, and any surplus energy can be transferred to the local electricity network.

The construction of decentralized biogas plants has given ALECTIA a unique opportunity to combine our experience from the brewery business with our competences in the energy area in a sustainable perspective. At the same time, it is an important step towards more self-sufficient and energy-efficient solutions for the brewery business.