CEO Carsten Toft Boesen sitting by a desk Anders Bjarklev, headmaster of DTU
"It is of great value that a company such as NIRAS is willing to collaborate with us on inspiring students," says Anders Bjarklev, President of DTU (left).

DTU and NIRAS enter into strategic cooperation agreement

DTU (Technical University of Denmark) enters into a strategic partnership with consulting engineering company NIRAS which focuses on food and manufacturing engineering, infrastructure, and transport.

31. Oct 2018

President Anders Bjarklev and Carsten Toft Boesen, CEO of NIRAS, have just signed an agreement on a strategic partnership, which will result in enhanced cooperation in the areas of research, innovation, and education, particularly in the fields of food and manufacturing engineering, infrastructure, and transport.

This agreement means that DTU and NIRAS will formulate and carry out research and development projects within the next generation of food production facilities with focus on health and food safety. They will also focus on changes in modes of transport, for instance driverless buses, and how this affects safety and infrastructure as a whole. The projects involve several departments, primarily DTU Food, DTU Chemical Engineering, DTU Management Engineering, and DTU Civil Engineering.

Innovation events and mentor programmes

A number of innovation events, workshops, and mentor programmes will be arranged to stimulate student interests in developing new innovative ideas within the field and to show them the opportunities in working at NIRAS.

“DTU has always emphasized maintaining close dialogues with the companies that hire our graduates. But we’re particularly thrilled to enter into more binding collaboration with special focus on the fields of food technology, infrastructure, and transport. It’s also of great value that a company such as NIRAS is willing to collaborate with us on inspiring students,” says President Anders Bjarklev, DTU.

“Close collaboration with DTU is in NIRAS’ DNA. DTU is our most important source of new employees and new knowledge. With this agreement, we ensure increased top management focus, more structure, and follow-up on both sides. In the areas of food and transport, we wish to raise this relationship to the same high level that we already know from, for instance, environment, supply, and construction in the form of teaching, exam projects, and PhD projects,” says Carsten Toft Boesen, CEO of NIRAS.

From left CEO Carsten Toft Boesen, Senior Vice President, Process Industry NIRAS, Thomas B. Olsen and President DTU Anders Bjarklev.