Three men from NIRAS sampling soil in snowy weather.
NIRAS carry out on-site sampling and analysis of contaminated soil, water and soil gas in Sweden using our mobile Geoprobe system.

Danish experience with soil pollution makes a difference in a growing Swedish market

NIRAS has for many years been working with soil contamination in Denmark. Now, we turn to Sweden, where the market for investigations and cleanup of soil pollution is on the rise.

29. Aug 2018

Denmark has had great focus on soil pollution in the recent decades, but it is only in recent years that the Swedish authorities have looked at the same direction. NIRAS' environmental departments in Stockholm, Linköping and Malmö therefore greatly benefit from the Danish experience in this area. Today, NIRAS is involved in several major framework agreements in the area of soil contamination in Sweden, which is largely due to the fact that NIRAS’ Danish consultants have acquired great expertise in this field over the years.

"In that the Swedes have now greater focus on soil pollution, we are given the opportunity to take all our experience from Denmark and into the Swedish market. In Denmark, we are further on than Sweden in terms of soil pollution. For this reason, we are now deeply engaged in the Swedish market and have already won several large projects in Sweden”, says business manager in NIRAS Denmark, Inger Asp Fuglsang.

NIRAS shares its knowledge on Nordrocs

In one week, NIRAS’ experts in soil pollution will participate in the Nordrocs 2018 conference. On the basis of a number of abstracts submitted, a conference committee has selected NIRAS to hold seven presentations. Together, Danish and Swedish colleagues will pour out their knowledge from the many projects on which they have collaborated. Business manager of NIRAS' Swedish environmental department, Tomas Hjort, sees great potential in the Swedish market in the future:

"Thanks to our collaboration across Scandinavia, we have carried out several projects using methods which are both innovative and new in the Swedish market. Several of the results will be presented at the forthcoming Nordrocs conference in Helsingør. This attracts both clients and new employees”, says business manager Tomas Hjorth, and continues:

"Just as we in Sweden take advantage the valuable know-how of our Danish colleagues, we contribute with our knowledge of cleanup of sediment in port areas in the Danish market."
The Nordrocs conference will be held September 3-5, 2018, in Helsingør. At the conference, many of the foremost consultants and researchers on soil pollution will be represented. The presentations will cover all aspects from sustainable handling of soil, tracer tests, leaking wells, gas migration and much more.