Construction of Large Hørkram Expansion

On 1 June, the mayor of Sorø Municipality, Gert Jørgensen, broke ground for the major expansion of Hørkram Food Service Sorø which will double the size of the current facilities. The new 30,000 square meter expansion will include increased storage capacity and provide more space for administration.

30. Jun 2016

A growing market and increased market shares has caused a need for Hørkram Foodservice to expand both logistics and production facilities in Soro. It is an expansion that includes areas such as refrigeration, frost, fish, meat cutting, preparation area, dispatch, non-food storage and administration – a total of close to 30,000 square meters.

“We are currently experiencing a need for enlarged storage capacity as well as increased space for our administration. It is a very positive development – not only for us, but for the area around Soro as well,” Center Director Claus Bredvig explains.

On 1 June, the excavators were rolled in to set the construction in progress, and Mayor Gert Jørgensen had the honor of breaking ground. Preben Berg Kristensen, CEO of Hørkram Denmark, was present as well.

Clear-cut goals

During the past five years, Hørkram Foodservice has experienced a revenue growth of more than 75 percent, and the objective is to double the company’s turnover over the course of the next five years, which is one of the reasons for the expansion.

Last year, ALECTIA, who is now merged with NIRAS, handed over a 7,800 square meter extension to Hørkram in Kolt, but this will be a larger and significantly more complex task, Frank Nyegaard from ALECTIA, now NIRAS, explains:

“A very ambitious timetable has been set for the project, and the center will be in full operation throughout the entire construction period. This means that the building is divided into five stages, which will undoubtedly provide some logistical challenges,” says Frank Nyegaard.

ALECTIA, now NIRAS, is responsible for construction management and follow-up of the expansion, which will be completed in the spring of 2018.