Young & hopeful

NIRAS Ungenetvark In Aalborg NS 06341

Photo by: Kenneth Ploug

From trainee to project manager. The NIRAS employee association Young & hopeful counts more than 250 members from the Danish and Swedish offices.

In the biggest of the NIRAS employee associations, Young & Hopeful, the motto is, “Age is just a state of mind”. Anyone is welcome to join the association with more than 250 members across NIRAS - from Aarhus in Denmark to Öresund in Sweden.

The association primarily counts younger employees who want to meet and spend time with other younger employees. As a new hire at NIRAS, this is an obvious place to build a network across business areas and specialisations.

Young & Hopeful run a number of diverse events throughout the year, such as visits to the race course, a table football tournament, a New Year’s ball, beer brewing, and much else besides.

Members share professional insights when they meet up for the monthly professional lunch. This gives members the opportunity for insights to the work of their colleagues, such as when someone talks of GIS solutions in developing countries or environmental fieldwork.