Portrait of Jens Kristian Krüger (JKK)
Security specialist Jens Kristian Krüger specializes in designing security strategies.

When the professional heart beats for safety and security

Security specialist Jens Kristian Krüger works his way from the outside in when he designs security strategies for buildings, such as anti-terrorism measures. Jens takes pride in uniting the wishes of customer, client and architect into one solution.

Our world is volatile. Terrorism, unrest and accidents are on everyone’s lips and threat levels are heightened in large and small countries alike.

Security specialist Jens Kristian Krüger experiences this on a daily basis. He is extraordinarily busy with assignments that span from securing compressor stations and a large international gas pipe line, to improve fire safety at hospitals and to conduct safety and security evaluations of a large pension company’s many buildings.

On top of that, the security specialist has a number of assignments for different municipalities, such as making sure that camera positioning for surveillance lives up to GDPR-rules and creating general strategies to provide overview of admission cards, anti-theft measures and surveillance regulations.

Jens is part of the largest safety specialist team in Denmark within the area of Security, Safety, Risk and Resilience. Since NIRAS is one of the country’s few certified, independent consultants, Jens and his colleagues are busy with new assignments.

Defining threat levels

“The most interesting part of a new safety assignment is when I can start with a thorough analysis and mapping of the threat level, “ he says.

In the case of a hotel for example, the security specialist starts on the outside of the building and works his way in, layer after layer, until he has reached the center of the building. After this, the risk assessment and safety strategy is made.

“The risk assessment is compared to the customer’s wishes, and in the ideal situation I will collaborate with the client and architect, so we can create integrated safety solutions,” says Jens.

Independent safety advisor

Jens is also responsible for ensuring that NIRAS on an annual basis can remain certified as independent security consultant.

It’s a meticulous job. It demands competencies, continual training, quality assessment- and goals, documentation, standardized tools and high levels of customer satisfaction.

“Vi have a quality hand book, which describes demands and procedures in dealing with security consultancy. We provide customers with high quality security solutions. We win assignments because of it,” says Jens.

Highly professional

The demands that come with maintaining the certification as independent security advisor are also ensuring that the security team is and remains highly professional.

“In order to maintain the certification, we have to make sure that our employees are highly educated and have the right experience when it comes to security solutions. It is a hands-on process and that is why we are always up to date with the latest knowledge, for example about new technologies. We simply have to,” Jens says.

Jens and his colleagues also keep up to date by constantly checking current standards and rules from external parties, such as Forsikring & Pension, which is the Danish trade association of Danish insurance companies and industry-wide pension funds. Jens and his colleagues also contribute to developing the sector as a whole by drafting safety standards.

If the professional challenges are not within Jens’ area of expertise, then he is happy to involve NIRAS’ other specialists, such as urban planners or explosion experts, who are conveniently located just a few meters down the hall.