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Slobodan at work in the Serbian office
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Slobodan Novkovic: Manila Calling

Meet the Serbian heading up our new office bringing tender support services to the Philippines.

Slobodan came to NIRAS from a logistics background, having been the head of the transport department of a mine in Serbia. Before he knew it, the 34-year-old celebrated his five-year anniversary at NIRAS Development Consulting. “I really enjoy the general atmosphere here and appreciate the many opportunities for professional development,” he says.

He got his start working for the NIRAS in the EU Framework Contract Unit (FWU). His first job was to support tender offer preparations and project management. Soon after that, he became one of three original members of the Service and Support Unit (which later became the Tender Support Unit), working mostly on EuropeAid tender offer preparations in support of different NIRAS offices around the globe. After a while he returned to the FWU as one of two coordinators in Lot 3, which focuses on human rights, democracy, and peace.

Currently, Slobodan is preparing for the big move he’ll be making to Manila, Philippines, later this month. He’s well prepared for the change.

“My time with NIRAS has given me a lot of experience in working with many different people from different countries and cultures,” he says.

He’ll be organizing the work for a new Tender Support Unit for the new office that NIRAS is establishing in Manila and will be providing on-the-job training to new FWU members.

After a day at work, Slobodan likes to unwind by exercising or watching a movie.

Manila awaits. Photo @ JC Gellidon