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Sabra at home in Dar
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Sabra Saleh: A sense of purpose and belonging

Almost exactly 11 years ago, this Tanzanian joined the NIRAS office in Dar es Salaam. NIRAS has become a big part of her life, offering wonderful experiences to work with colleagues around the world on various assignments.

Of Middle Eastern origin, Sabra was born and raised in her home town of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. She loves the warm weather, hospitable people, and international vibe of the city, a place where one never has to go too far to find great food, although you might encounter a pothole or two along the way.

Sabra joined the Tanzania office 11 years ago this month, when the office was still known as Scanagri. She was a finance officer at the time and recalls the days when - as part of a team of two - she wondered how they would ever manage all the work. As the business grew, so too did her tasks, which expanded from financial management to tender and project support, team mobilisation, recruitment, procurement, and contracts management. Today, she is the Finance and Administration Manager and one of six permanent employees in the office, which also supports 40 project staff.

Before being snapped up by the NIRAS family, Sabra was the financial administrator at a logistics firm and then at a business travel company. Sabra has a Bachelors in Economics from the University of Dar Es Salaam and Masters in Entrepreneurship from ESAMI (Arusha)/Lund Unversity School of Economics and Management (Sweden) which she obtained while working with NIRAS.

When asked what she liked most about working for NIRAS, Sabra pointed to the “open platform” that offers professional opportunities to grow, contribute, and learn by getting involved in areas well beyond one’s default portfolio. “I get to challenge myself a lot. Things can be daunting at times, but each new hurdle opens up doors to learning and engagement in diverse assignments. I enjoy multi-tasking, which is good in a business like NIRAS where there is never a dull moment! Everyone gives their all, is fully committed, and takes pride in what they do. I feel a great sense of fulfillment when I give the best to my work each day.”

No matter how much she enjoys work, like most of us, Sabra makes the most of her time off! As a single mother, she loves spending time with her daughter, including visits to snake parks. Shopping is another big hobby, she confesses, and she also relaxes by watching movies, TV culinary competitions, other nature-related documentaries.

If you are ever in Dar, take the time to visit Sabra at NIRAS's office. Her warm smile and welcoming nature await you at House No 1055, Msasani Village.