Employee portrait. Marios Dimitriadis (MDIM)
Marios Dimitriadis, 42, has worked in tunnel projects in London, Doha, Dubai, Bangkok and Copenhagen. Now, he is with NIRAS using his expertise in international projects.

International tunnel expert with a taste for challenges

Greece, England, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Denmark. Marios Dimitriadis has relocated with his family four times in his pursuit for challenging projects. He is making heavy underground infrastructure – the more advanced, the better.

“Building metros is not just about tunneling. My field is heavy infrastructure with a focus on underground works.”

Marios Dimitriadis is an experienced international profiled tunnel expert. He tells the story of his career sitting in a bright conference room at the NIRAS HQ north of Copenhagen in Denmark.

“I find the difficult engineering problems very interesting. When it comes to underground works for urban infrastructure you always have technical obstacles that you have to overcome. Tunneling requires a good understanding of how structures interact with the soil. A good day at work is when I deliver solutions to such complex challenges,” says Marios Dimitriadis.

Currently, Marios experience many good days at work. He is working on a large scale tunnel project in Copenhagen. And he is working on a highly complex pedestrian underpass beneath one of the busiest roads of Bangkok.

I am really happy here. The business in the tunneling team is growing and we handle quite demanding projects. I like the feeling of being part of this process.

Marios Dimitriadis

Pursuing technical challenges

Marios Dimitriadis grew up in Thessaloniki, Greece. After finishing his education as a civil engineer and his military service in 2003 he started working for design office in his hometown, until he decided to move to London with his wife in 2005 pursuing a career opportunity with Atkins. The family lived in London for six years while Marios advanced to Senior Tunnel Engineer and completed in parallel a master’s degree from Imperial College London.

In 2011, the family relocated for an 18 months contract in Dubai, and then once again in 2012 to Doha, Qatar. Over there, Marios worked for almost seven years constructing the Doha city metro which was fully operational in 2019.

Then, an opportunity with NIRAS’s tunneling team opened:

“I visited the NIRAS headquarters north of Copenhagen. I liked the Management’s approach and vision for the company’s tunnel department. Also, I realized that the working environment in NIRAS is very pleasant with a good culture and nice colleagues around. So, it was not difficult to make my decision. And since then my first impression has not changed,” says Marios Dimitriadis.

Relocated four times

Marios accepted the job at NIRAS and – once again – relocated with his wife and two kids from Qatar to Denmark.

“When it comes to relocating I feel like an expert. Of course, it is not easy, and especially if you have children. However, in Denmark we could see ourselves stay long term. It is a country that really cares for families."

“I am really happy here. The business in the tunneling team is growing and we handle quite demanding projects. I like the feeling of being part of this process.”