Casper Barrett Uggerholt (CBUG)
Commissioning is about technique, communication and process. Casper Barrett Uggerholt ensures that the installations work properly

When the client receives the key to the facility, everything works

Casper Barrett Uggerholt knows from personal experience, how crucial it is that the deliverance of a building is without defects or demerits. With previous experience as a facility manager, Casper knows, what it is like to be on the other side of the table, when a final building is delivered. With that in mind, Casper now works with Commissioning. A quality assurance process, which verifies, documents and tests that buildings meet the specified requirements.

With a great interest for technical installations, building operations and quality assurance, Casper Barrett Uggerholt has found his right place as a client consultant and Commissioning leader in NIRAS.

In the Commissioning process, the client and Commissioning leader devise an operations oriented requirement specification focused on measurable, function-based requirements. These requirements are regulated and adhered to through all phases of the project to ensure effectuality both during construction and after delivery.

Casper did not take the direct express train to becoming Commissioning leader in NIRAS. He had a few stops along the way. He started as a plumber and energy technician and was in that field for 11 years gaining experience, before he decided to study for a BA in architectural technology and construction management. After graduating he worked with facility management for many years. It was during this time that the first spark of interest for Commissioning crossed Casper’s mind.

I experienced how we, as an operations organization, had to work extra hard when we moved into a new building with lacks, defects and oversights regarding technical installations. Aside from costing unnecessary time and money, it also resulted in a great deal of frustration in the operations department. Had commissioning been a part of the projects back then, the buildings would likely have worked effectively from the beginning. There is SO much to gain in cases like these

Casper Barrett Uggerholt, Commissioning leader, NIRAS

The sooner, the better

Commissioning can become part of a construction process at any given time, but the sooner, the better. Optimally, the process will begin in the project design phase where the Commissioning requirement specification is devised and integrated into the project design plan. It is thereby possible to implement previous operational experiences into the project. The given requirements becomes a guideline which are followed through the entire construction process within every discipline involved. When Casper got the opportunity to expand his knowledge about Commissioning within the construction business, he took it, and transferred to the consulting side of the industry in NIRAS.

Casper explains about the way in which they operate that: “Commissioning is a very complex discipline, which demands tailored and lean solutions specifically applicable to each project. We focus on what creates the greatest value for the client”.

Technique, communication and process

The daily life of a Commissioning leader varies a lot. One day is spent on a construction site, while the next is spent attending meetings with the client. In brief, commissioning is about technique, communication and process. These are the aspects, which Casper and his colleagues try to balance every day to ensure, that everything ultimately falls into place on a project.

Casper hopes, that the clients who choose to incorporate Commissioning to their projects, see that it makes a difference. Not only in the quality of the final result, but also in the motivation and collaboration throughout the phases of the project.

Although we work for a consultant, we pride ourselves on being independent. We are not afraid to challenge our own industry. If the product delivered is flawless and complete, it benefits all parties involved. When the client receives the key to the facility, everything works.

Casper Barrett Uggerholt, Commissioning leader, NIRAS