Casper Barrett Uggerholt (CBUG)

When the client receives the key to the facility, everything works

Casper Barret Uggerholt works with Commissioning. A quality assurance process, which verifies, documents and tests that buildings meet the specified requirements.

NIRAS employee in work gear talking in his phone
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Water bassin at a water supply

Waste water has a huge energy potential

The sewage treatment plants in Denmark are gradually changing their energy position going from pure electricity consumers to being actual producers of green energy.

Aviation fuel might become sustainable in the future
Green transition

One step closer to sustainable aviation fuel

The aviation fuel of the future might very well be green. This is the conclusion of a report that NIRAS has contributed to. By combining biogas, CO2 and hydrogen in an innovative manner, we are not far from creating sustainable aviation fuel.

rails in front of building block
Railway area in Aalborg

Rainwater, urban open spaces and basketball combined on old railway

The old railway area in Aalborg has now become a multifunctional landscape with apartments, shops and urban open spaces. Playing fields operate as stormwater tanks during heavy rain.

Roger Sutton (ROSU)

Roger Sutton: “Delivering projects is a passion”

Delivering projects is a passion for NIRAS’ project director in the United Kingdom, Roger Sutton. Having worked for two decades in the food and beverage sector, he believes that being transparent and up-front with clients is crucial to a successful project.

Consulting engineers

NIRAS is one of Scandinavia's leading consulting engineering companies.

NIRAS contributes to a large number of major societal challenges with a wide range of expertise that includes process plants, building, energy, environment, infrastructure, development consulting and urban planning.