Red rubies on a green agenda

The mining company Greenland Ruby extracts rubies and sapphires in Southwestern Greenland under thorough environmental monitoring. NIRAS is facilitating a statutory environmental monitoring programme, which in combination with other initiatives will ensure sustainability, social responsibility, and Greenland’s stunning nature

Susanne Junge (SJU) og Lone Hedegaard Mortensen (LMO)

Calculate climate footprint of your project

We have developed a series of tools that can support sustainability and make it measurable in every conceivable project within municipalities, regions, industry, healthcare, supply, transport, and construction.


When you flush the toilet, they celebrate at the wastewater treatment plant

New Danish legislation says it clearly: Wastewater is increasingly becoming a resource that can be utilised and contribute to the green transition – thanks to new technologies and innovative thinking.


European potential: Waste lid reduces greenhouse gas emissions from old landfills

The household waste recycling centre (HWRC) in Assens, Denmark is located on top of an old landfill, which produces the climate-deteriorating gas methane. A new bio-cover made of composted garden waste transforms the methane into carbon dioxide, which is far less harmful to the climate.


One of the world's most technologically advanced poultry-processing plants

Maple Leaf Foods has involved NIRAS in the overall planning of its new 660 mill CAD$ state of the art poultry processing plant in Ontario. NIRAS has facilitated the master planning and design to tender phase as subject matter expert and project facilitator.

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Corona news

Information for clients and business partners

We are more focused than ever on delivering our services and assisting our clients during this challenging situation.

Consulting engineers

NIRAS is one of Scandinavia's leading consulting engineering companies.

NIRAS contributes to overcoming many major societal challenges with a wide range of expertise that includes process plants, building, energy, environment, infrastructure, development consulting and urban planning.