Webinar: Risk Integrity Management Support for Offshore Wind Farms

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Address: Online

Date: December 12, 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Cost of admission: Free

Organizer: NIRAS, LICengineering and Matrisk

Event type: Webinar, Tuesday 12 December 2023 at 9.00am – 10.00am (GMT+1 Danish time)

Join this webinar and get insights into how you reduce cost during operation of wind farms by implementing Digital Twins in combination with Risk-Based Inspection planning.

In the years before the 1980s, inspections were conducted randomly and annually and a costly and unfocused approach was ill-suited for a competitive market. Managing platforms and a handful of satellites posed significant challenges, exacerbated in the wind industry due to numerous structures and inherent spatial correlations. A lesson learned in the oil and gas industry and important for the wind industry.

By the early 1980s, the necessity for targeted inspection planning became glaringly apparent, leading to the inception of reliability-based inspection in the oil and gas sector. The first generation of RBI was born. However, it became evident that deterministic methods did not align with the results of deterministic design lifetimes.

Over the next three decades, these challenges were meticulously addressed and resolved, evolving the traditional approach by integrating fracture mechanics. Recently, recognizing the significance of uncertainties in stress spectra emerged, offering a shield against unsafe operations.

Introducing our groundbreaking 5th generation RBI planning, a paradigm-shifting approach at the forefront of innovation. We've pioneered a methodology uniting digital twins, structural health monitoring, and risk-based inspection planning specifically tailored for offshore wind parks. This integration empowers wind park owners to prolong the lifespan of their structures, curtail inspection costs, and enhance competitiveness within the market landscape.

What's in it for you?

You will discover the latest technologies and best practices for ensuring the safety, reliability and performance of your offshore wind assets.

  • Probabilistic digital twins, PDT, are digital representations of physical assets that incorporate probabilistic structural models, bringing risk assessments online to support risk-informed decisions in operation1.

  • Risk-based inspection, RBI, is a method that optimizes the inspection planning and prioritization based on the assessment of the probability and consequences of failure2.

  • By combining PDT and RBI, you can achieve a more accurate and efficient integrity management of offshore windfarms, as you can:

    • Monitor and update the condition and performance of offshore wind turbines in real time using sensors and data analytics.

    • Identify and quantify the risk and uncertainties associated with offshore windfarms, such as structural deterioration, extreme weather, and operational failures.

    • Optimize the inspection and maintenance strategies based on the risk level and cost-benefit analysis.

    • Reduce the downtime and operational costs of offshore windfarms, while improving their safety and reliability.


  • Problem statement:

    • Why is this topic important?

    • How do we provide a solution (in a nutshell)?

    • Are there principle challenges in adopting the approach?

    • What are the benefits for the owner?

  • Technical solution:

    • What are we doing and what is needed?

    • When can we provide services: Before construction, after construction, and after first inspection.

    • How is it used in practice and over time, case study.

  • Discussion:

    • Requirements and needs of the industry

    • Gains using PDT-RBI


  • Thor Ugelvig Petersen, Vice President for Offshore Wind at NIRAS / Welcome 

  • Michael Havbro Faber, Professor at Aalborg University / Talking about the history of RBI in the offshore industry

  • Hans Jørgen Riber, Director for Research & Development at LICengineering / Talking about Probabilistic Digital Twins

  • Matthias Schubert, CEO at Matrisk / Talking about Risk-based Inspection Planning

  • Thomas Bull, Industrial PhD at LICengineering / Presenting a case study

Practical information:

  • Tuesday 12 December 2023 at 9.00am – 10.00am (GMT+1 Danish time)

  • The webinar will be livestreamed on the professional webinar-platform, Demio (no app installation or login is necessary)

  • Register your attendance in the formular below

  • Price: Free

  • Host: NIRAS, LICengineering, Matrisk.

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