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NIRAS' Mechanical Engineer, Caspar Tunnesen, will explain how Virtual Reality can give companies a realistic experience when they review engineered solutions for new projects.

Reviewing with Virtual Reality - A realistic experience

Virtual Reality can give companies a realistic experience when they review the engineered solutions for new projects. The VR process makes it possible for all involved parties to give feedback and help improve details of the design.


The webinar will be held online.

Reviewing engineered solutions is an important step to take for businesses, because the review process will help prevent future problems in a finished production facility. Therefore all involved parties should also be able to give feedback and help improve the details of the design.

However, review processes are often long and the persons involved are normally watching the same screen from one angle. 2D drawings have been converted to BIM models (3D) for a long time now, but now  there is a next step in reviewing solutions before they are built: Virtual Reality – or in short VR.

Virtual Reality - individual experience and realistic view

Virtual Reality is not something new, but it can be used more and more efficiently to make review experiences more realistic. The benefits of VR lay in the individual experience and the realistic view of a project design.

Different project team members will typically have different concerns and solutions when it comes to the design. But by walking through a virtual environment, team members representing different professions can check and review their points of interest in manner that is approximating reality. You can look over it, look under it, reach out to elements, move in 3 dimension. It can all be done via the Virtual Reality glasses and two VR controllers.

3D models and Point Cloud integrated into VR environment

The fact that the 3D models and Point Cloud can be integrated into the VR environment help making this way of reviewing engineered solutions even better. 

The results and outcomes of Virtual Reality review sessions are improving and during this webinar we would like to explain more about our positive experiences and give an insight into the benefits of this technology.

The speaker

Caspar Tunnessen has been working for NIRAS in the Netherlands for almost 4 years now. After his education in Mechatronics, Caspar found his passion within the food industry and the complexity of it. His expertise is mostly expressed in a digital form. He creates drawings, designs, 2D layouts and 3D models of different factories and installations. More recently he has specialized in creating VR models and hosting VR reviews.

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