NIRAS: Your Partner in Clean Water Management

Three boys drinking water from taps

NIRAS takes an integrated and holistic approach to water management, access, and final domestic or income-generating use. Our +250 in-house water professionals collaborate with over 500 external water sector specialists, implementing water-sector projects across the globe and interacting closely with NIRAS experts in agriculture, climate change, forestry and urban development.

Access to safe and affordable drinking water is a crucial right, vital for development and reduction of poverty. Without reliable access to water, agricultural production cannot meet growing population’s demands. Clean water is a precondition for public health. Ever growing extraction for human activities must be balanced with nature’s own requirements. Due to increasing water stress and scarcity, growing variations and uncertainties in weather patterns, deterioration in water quality, water losses through old infrastructure and the mismanagement of water, there is an urgent demand for innovative technologies and solutions.

Our expertise covers all aspects of planning, design and implementation of water-related projects in a variety of fields and our team of specialists comprises engineers, biologists, environmentalists, geologists, socio-economists and financial and institutional professionals. 

We apply tested, yet innovative, methodologies and rely on experience we have acquired on a large number of water-related assignments across the globe in:

  • rural water supply;
  • urban water supply;
  • wastewater management;
  • integrated water resources management;
  • training/capacity building; and
  • climate change and disaster risk management.

To learn more about NIRAS’ work in the field, read our brochure NIRAS: Your Partner in Clean Water Management.