NIRAS's response in times of COVID-19

The Corona virus pandemic in the first half of 2020 has highlighted the need for new approaches, greater flexibility and fast responses to the changing environment. Learn about some of the innovative ways we are helping clients to mitigate the current obstacles caused by COVID-19 and supporting in building resilience against future crises.


Beyond the individual impact, this crisis is affecting us as an organisation as we witness the strengths of being a truly digital networking community, with staff all over the globe collaborating in real time to keep the wheels turning. Restrictions in place around the world have not only changed the way we work and communicate, but have required us to galvanise our core assets (ideas, insights and innovations) to inform COVID mitigation and resilience-building measures. We want to assure our clients, partners and stakeholders of our commitment to keep project teams intact and functioning, delivering where we can with our strong local presence and ensuring a rapid remobilisation of resources at the soonest possible time. To this end, we have created a "living document" highlighting how we can contribute during and after the crisis, it will be updated regularly with good practice and learnings as the situation evolves. 

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 to learn more about our capabilities and the services we can offer in times of crisis.