NIRAS in Asia-Pacific: More than a quarter century of partnership and collaboration

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With over 25 years of continuous presence across the region, applying integrated and innovative approaches, NIRAS has helped facilitate Asia-Pacific’s journey towards inclusive prosperity and a sustainable future.

NIRAS has invested in offices across the Asia-Pacific region to build long-term partnerships and nurture talent in inspiring workplaces. With operations in Australia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand, Viet Nam, and Taiwan, we offer our partners a rare combination of local understanding, cost-efficient administration, and European best-practice governance and management systems.

As you will read on these pages, NIRAS’s story is the achievements of our clients. We share, learn from, and build on evidence and knowledge generated within the projects we facilitate and always have the ambition to do more, be this introducing new services, tools and approaches or demonstrating how outcomes can be scaled up and replicated elsewhere. We look forward to collaborating with governments, funding agencies, the private sector and other partners in building a sustainable future.

Join us as we contribute to improving livelihoods and creating societies that are inclusive, stable, and climate-smart.