NIRAS: Your Partner in Holistic Governance Solutions

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Governance is fundamental to every sector in which we operate, as human rights principles are an essential means to reach all the SDGs. NIRAS contributes to just and inclusive societies through the building of institutions, gender and rights-responsive budgeting, and the support of civil society around the world.

The capacity of a society to provide justice, stability, and security in an equitable fashion to all citizens is foundational to the long-term goal of building a better world in line with the SDGs. More and more people live in conflict-stricken places worldwide, requiring assistance to deal with both ultimate and proximate causes of instability. In many countries, government institutions are inaccessible to many vulnerable populations, and civil society is not well-established enough to speak on their behalf. To meet these challenges, NIRAS works to support governance solutions in many forms.

Governance is at the heart of many NIRAS projects and plays a supporting role in most others. Together with key stakeholders, we examine complex situations with dedication. We emphasise socially acceptable solutions and analyse opportunities and alternatives. In this brochure, we present some of our global governance assignments and the services we offer in supporting democratic governance, including; enhancement of the role of civil society; institutional development; decentralisation and support to local authorities; public finance management; rule of law; human rights and gender, as well as peace and security.

To learn more about NIRAS' work in the field, read our brochure, NIRAS: Your Partner in Holistic Governance Solutions.