NIRAS: Your Partner for Holistic Environmental Solutions

Two elephants in a forest

Maintaining the balance between the environment and nature, and development and growth, presents challenges but also offers new opportunities. With the environment and sustainability in focus, NIRAS takes an integrated approach to enhance protection and production from natural resources for sustainable and inclusive economic development.

The unsustainable use of natural resources and impact of human activities on the environment are well documented. Given the persistence of poverty, social inequalities, and environmental degradation, compounded by the additional challenge of climate change, NIRAS supports the growing recognition that current economic models are too limited. We continue to promote inclusive green growth to protect and preserve the environment in all our engagements. We do this by mainstreaming the green dimension in our projects and, most fundamentally, in our natural resource-oriented work, e.g., environment, energy, agriculture, forestry, land management, and climate change.

This brochure presents some of NIRAS’s global environmental assignments and the services we offer in the following areas: environmental assessment, solid waste management, biodiversity, environmental education, and marine & coastal zone management, which contribute to green growth and a more sustainable world. We advocate a holistic and interdisciplinary approach that maximises synergies between economic, social, and environmental objectives, while minimising the trade-offs. Together with key stakeholders, we examine the often complex situations with dedication. We emphasise socially acceptable solutions and analyse opportunities and alternatives. This approach has earned NIRAS a reputation for delivering cost-efficient environmental advisory services of the highest quality that adhere to agreed frameworks and meet our clients' demands.

To learn more about NIRAS' work in the field, read our brochure, NIRAS: Your Partner for Holistic Environmental Solutions