NIRAS International Consulting: Half a Century Contributing to Sustainable Societies

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Since the signing of our first development cooperation contract half a century ago, NIRAS has stayed true to its core mission of contributing to a better, more equal, and stable world. In this brochure, you will learn about our mission and values, our technical competencies, and some examples of projects where we take an integrated approach to find solutions that contribute to the SDGs.

As part of the larger NIRAS Group, NIRAS International Consulting is a knowledge-based organisation offering extensive expertise, policy advice and proven results-based management of large, complex projects. We integrate economic, social and technical solutions in broad-based sustainable solutions in a variety of fields. We are essentially a "flat" expert networking community organisation where we collaborate across multiple sectors to deliver the best results for our clients.

Our vision is twofold: to be the partner of choice for our clients and the employer of choice for professionals with the know-how and passion to enable us to fulfil our mission.

NIRAS International Consulting employs about 350 permanent staff and has a pool of +25,000 experts in our network. We run projects across the globe and have 51 offices in 27 countries. Our local presence is key to our success as we are committed to building long-term partnerships and capabilities where we work.

In this NIRAS International Consulting brochure, you can learn not just about our technical, in-house competencies and some of the projects we manage, but also how we learn from, share and build on the knowledge generated from our work. At NIRAS, our work is the achievements of our clients. We are proud of our contribution to the SDGs and how we conduct ourselves with integrity, transparency and accountability.

We are always seeking talent to join our team of committed and passionate staff in the fight against poverty. If you think the NIRAS way is right for you, register your CV on our database: