NIRAS's work in capacity development and training

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Capacity development is complex and intertwined with organisational and societal culture and can never be limited to merely imparting knowledge or improving skills. Learn more about our expertise in change management and how capacity development lies at core of everything we do.

NIRAS's approach to capacity development is centred on context-specific, locally driven and collaborative solutions to complex problems that allow for greater adaptability and are more sustainable. We have been bringing the principles of problem-driven, iterative and adaptive management into the design and practice of our capacity development interventions for many years.

We are particularly proud of our Sida-financed International Training Programmes, which we have been successfully planning, designing and delivering for over two decades to more than 4000 participants in about 60 countries around the world. 

To learn more about our capabilities, the services we offer our clients and some of our capacity development-related projects

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