How NIRAS works with Public Finance Management


With trends like gender responsive budgeting gaining ground, a big shift is emerging in the design of PFM systems. Learn more about NIRAS's cutting-edge practical knowledge on the application of new PFM tools

NIRAS has been working in Public Finance Management (PFM) for the last 15 years, particularly in support of national decentralisation processes and applying participatory planning and budgeting processes to better engage citizens and improve accountability and transparency.

We have been actively involved in the latest PFM developments and played a key role in integrating social and gender equality considerations into PFM reforms, budget processes, and medium-term expenditure frameworks. Our team of PFM experts are among the few who have carried out Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability framework (PEFA) assessments of GRB, and we have partnered with international players such as the IMF and the EU to increase awareness of how national budgets can be used to promote gender equality. Our robust experience in Ukraine implementing the world’s largest GRB project has cemented our reputation as one of most experienced service providers in the field.

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