Group photo of people at a project closing event
Project closing event in Ankara on Feb. 8th, 2018.

TA on Marine Strategy Framework Directive in Turkey

NIRAS completes project on protection of marine environment in Turkey

NIRAS Poland successfully completed 2-year project aimed at achieving Good Environmental Status in Turkey’s marine environment in alignment with the EU.

NIRAS has completed a project to help Turkey prepare for the future implementation of EU’s Marine Strategy Framework Directive.

The work focused on two key project result areas:

Firstly, development of technical and administrative capacity for the directive implementation that was based on a series of capacity building activities involving over 500 participants as well as solid legal and institutional assessments.

Secondly, preparation of the methodology regarding the directive implementation in the selected regions based on the number of in-depth studies and assessments summarized in the MSFD Guidelines Report.

Creating a network of capability

A team of almost 40 experts from various universities and research institutes with a strong knowledge of Turkish waters was involved in the project. This created a valuable network of Turkish experts involved in different aspects of future MSFD implementation. All activities were conducted in close collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

On Feb. 8th, 2018, a closing event took place with almost 100 participants in Ankara, summarizing the results of the project. All key-note speakers stressed that a valuable foundation for further efforts to protect marine environment in Turkey has been laid.

NIRAS helping Turkey align with EU

The project is an important achievement for NIRAS Poland, which is consistently expanding its EU environmental acquis project portfolio in Turkey.

Acquis are shorthand for the collection of directives, other legislation and court decisions which make up the legal body of EU.

NIRAS Poland has recently finalized acquis-projects related to: energy efficiency in buildings and environmental impact assessment while continuing efforts in the area of ground water management and European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register.