three women at a panel
Kosovo's Minister for Local Government (left), Sweden's Ambassador to Kosovo and the UN Kosovo Team and Development Coordinator

Insitutional support for gender equality in Kosovo

Promoting gender mainstreaming and greater equality between women and men in Kosovo

In its fourth and final year supporting the national Agency for Gender Equality, this Sida-funded project has delivered several successes in the fight to address ­imbalances between the sexes.

In 2015, Kosovo amended its 2004 law on gender equality. To support public entities implementing the law – particularly the Agency on Gender Equality (AGE) in the Office of the Prime Minister – Sida launched a four-year flagship project on gender equality mainstreaming and women’s empowerment in the Balkan country.

Since July 2016, the project team has worked with AGE, strengthening its institutional capacity, and national gender mechanisms to effectively and efficiently fulfill their mandate in prioritising and mainstreaming gender equality objectives across Kosovo’s policy frameworks, systems, processes and instruments. Partnerships have been built up, contributing to institutional development around the gender agenda, informing policies and ensuring more effective coordination among stakeholders. And finally, gender equality is being publicly promoted and gender stereotypes addressed through a variety of initiatives.

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