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Community meeting on the hydropower plant plan

Sinoe Rapids Small Hydropower Plant

Bringing renewable energy-­powered electricity to a Liberian coastal community

A team of experts investigated the feasibility of establishing a small, EU-funded hydropower plant in Sinoe Rapids, an hour or so inland from Greenville City.

More than a decade of civil war – which ended in 2003 – destroyed Liberia’s power infrastructure. Almost all public generators installed following the conflict have been destroyed, forcing much of the country’s 4.7 million population to use costly private diesel generators.

With support from the EU, the Government of Liberia aims to boost the rural electrification supply to southeast Liberia that will include electricity expansion to Grand Kru, Sinoe, Maryland and other counties. The overall aim is to stimulate economic development and reduce poverty.

One of several planned projects includes the development of a small hydropower project (1 MW) in Sinoe County to provide captive supply of electricity to Greenville, a town of approximately 17 000 residents. Over the course of nine months, NIRAS conducted a feasibility study on the development of the plant, delivering a detailed design as well as tender documents to enable the EU to publish the tender.

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