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NIRAS to expect 16 large contracts to be procured through energy, future cities and infrastructure lots.
UK Cross Whitehall Prosperity Fund Framework

NIRAS a Lead Supplier in the UK Cross Whitehall Prosperity Fund Framework

NIRAS has successfully entered in three lots of the UK Cross Whitehall Prosperity Fund Framework: Energy, Future Cities and Infrastructure.

02. May 2018

NIRAS has become one of the Lead Suppliers in the Prosperity Fund Framework managed by the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The Prosperity Fund is a cross government instrument and increases the Official Development Assistance available to a range of UK government departments.

The Prosperity Fund Framework primarily aims to promote inclusive economic growth and poverty reduction in selected middle income countries and regions, such as Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, South East Asia and Turkey. As a secondary objective, it aims to create opportunities for UK and international businesses, thus contributing to UK’s own prosperity and trade relations.

16 large tenders through energy, future cities and infrastructure lots

The Framework will be officially launched on the 8th of May in London. The FCO has published a tentative procurement pipeline, according to which we can expect 16 large scale call-off contracts with an average value of 15 million GDP to be procured through the Energy, Future Cities and Infrastructure lots.

One of the first tenders to open will be the South East Asia Low Carbon Programme focusing on energy efficiency and green finance in six target countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Collaboration between NIC and other BUs

The NIRAS Consortium is led by NIRAS Consulting in the UK. The framework will thus provide an opportunity for closer collaboration between NIC and the other NIRAS Business Units.